Environmental Policy Statement

Adept Pest Control Ltd. is committed to continually improve and promote sound environmental practices. We believe that environmental protection is an integral part of operating our Pest Control Service. This policy is designed to reflect controls, objectives and targets within the specified operations to reduce environmental impact.

Our policy is to comply with all existing regulatory legislation and adopt a proactive stance in anticipating future more stringent regulatory requirements.


It is our aim to develop internal awareness of the environmental policy so that it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within Adept Pest Control Ltd.


Adept Pest Control Limited will ensure that all employees are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the environmental benefits of improved performance, and will encourage/support initiatives that contribute to an improved environment at work.We will conserve and protect the environment by operating in a socially responsible manner according to the highest standards of environmental management available and will monitor performance targets.


Adept Pest Control Ltd. has the following key environmental objectives:


  • Minimise the use of pesticides by placing a greater emphasis on Integrated Pest Management and by working in partnership with clients to reduce the likelihood of pest ingress and infestation.

  • Minimise waste generated by the company through better utilisation of raw materials, energy and water and increased use of renewable, reusable or recyclable material by liaising with suppliers.

  • Expand awareness and use of our existing recycling facilities and provide additional facilities for as wide a range of recyclable materials as possible to reduce waste to landfill. We will use only reputable licensed waste carriers.

  • Improve energy efficiency by the sensible energy management of our buildings, equipment and vehicles.

  • Carry out regular audits to ensure effective implementation of our Environmental Policy.

  • Develop our Environmental Management System towards ISO 14001 standard.