Having regular pest control inspections will give you peace of mind and ensure that a pest free premises is maintained. Our pest control service and monitoring reduces the likelihood of major infestation, which can cause damage to property, stock and reputation, leading to a loss of goodwill and ultimately, prosecution. It’s important to ensure a safe working or living environment, as pests carry various diseases, which can contaminate food stuffs and preparation areas, causing serious illness or fatality.

gallery/garden ant
Ant Control

We provide monitoring and a variety of control solutions for all species of native and tropical ants.

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Bed Bug Control

Our comprehensive bed bug control programme includes monitoring and awareness training for hotels.

Bird Control

We provide deterrent and exclusion solutions for pest bird species, tailored to individual client needs.

gallery/german cockroach
Cockroach Control

We offer a discreet monitoring programme with a variety of control solutions for all species of cockroach.

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Fly Control

Our monitoring and control programme for all flying insects includes breeding site removal and exclusion methods.

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Rodent Control

We provide detailed inspections to identify access points and provide exclusion and control options.